The Merchandising capabilities are used to capture on shelf availability so as to report market penetration, stock levels and compliance.
Purveyance can record the number of product facings and stock counts, as well as planogram compliance. This information is then sent back to head-office where Purveyance reporting displays the tracking of strategic measures such as "speed-to-market" and "out-of-stock".
Purveyance seemlessly facilitates sharing of most up-to-date information and documents from head-office to the field team while providing head-office with complete document control.

Features include:

  • Manage On-Shelf Availability
  • Record & Manage Out-of-Stock
  • Track Planogram Conformance
  • Highlight Products Requiring Attention
  • Woolworths "Items not Scanned" integration
  • Manage Category & Cluster Ranging
  • Share Product Images & Presentations
  • Collect In-store Photos
  • Conduct Competitor Analysis


"Purveyance has been the total catalyst in delivering a better field service function. It has improved team-play and the reps feel a stronger link with the company."

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McPhersons Consumer Products

"Using Purveyance for more than two years now, after transferring from another platform, I am happy to report that it was the easiest transition in my 15 years’ experience of implementing these types of systems."

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