The Ordering capabilities allow sales representatives to quickly capture sales orders electronically, thus eliminating all the manual duplication effort and errors.
Send turn-over orders electronically to wholesalers to ensure speedy fulfilment.

Features include:

  • Direct Sales Orders
  • Turn-in/Turn-over Orders to Third Party Suppliers
  • EDI
  • Suggested Orders
  • Split Order Delivery Dates
  • Track and Manage Product Returns & Replacements
  • Deals, Discounts & Bundles


"Purveyance has been the total catalyst in delivering a better field service function. It has improved team-play and the reps feel a stronger link with the company."

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McPhersons Consumer Products

"Using Purveyance for more than two years now, after transferring from another platform, I am happy to report that it was the easiest transition in my 15 years’ experience of implementing these types of systems."

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