Executive Team

On-Shelf Availability (OSA) is a critical factor for FMCG and OTC companies, as it represents the final step of the sales cycle.

Effective Sales Execution is the final opportunity you have to influence the consumer through in-store activities that:

  • Reduce shelf out-of stocks
  • Increase shelf space
  • Measure compliance of Trade Promotions
  • Price surveillance

Equiping your field sales team with Purveyance will bring benefits such as:

  • Increased Sales Orders
  • Increase in average value of Sales Orders
  • Greater customer coverage
  • Increase market penetration


"Purveyance has been the total catalyst in delivering a better field service function. It has improved team-play and the reps feel a stronger link with the company."

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McPhersons Consumer Products

"Using Purveyance for more than two years now, after transferring from another platform, I am happy to report that it was the easiest transition in my 15 years’ experience of implementing these types of systems."

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