IT Team

Purveyance can be deployed as an off-premise Subscription (SaaS) offering or as an on-premise licence option.

The design and architecture of Purveyance has been performed in a manner that allows non technical people to perform personalisation of the system, thus freeing up valuable technical resources for other priorities within the organisation.

The personalisation extends to cater for terminology to be displayed in foreign languages, such as Chinese and Thai.

Purveyance includes an extensive array of typical industry reports already built-in.  In the instance a business user has a requirement for an alternative report, it can be achieved simply through the use of the built-in BI reporting cube and Microsoft Excel.

Purveyance has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry, as each year two major upgrades are released at no charge to those on a Subscription or the Software Advantage program.  These upgrades include new business features and tools, thus extending the value from your investment.


"Purveyance has been the total catalyst in delivering a better field service function. It has improved team-play and the reps feel a stronger link with the company."

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McPhersons Consumer Products

"Using Purveyance for more than two years now, after transferring from another platform, I am happy to report that it was the easiest transition in my 15 years’ experience of implementing these types of systems."

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